Your Voice: Farmington council member Galvin endorses


The 2019 Farmington City Council election is upon us. Since 2011 I have functioned as a candidate, City Council Member, mayor, DDA Board Member and an engaged citizen. With those experiences in mind, I want to share my insights on this year’s election.


Admittedly I ran as a Republican in a failed bid for County Commissioner in 2018. I assure you that partisan politics has no place in my endorsements and no place in Farmington’s City Council election. I value my independent thinking. My endorsements reflect that.

Vote for Perrot, Bowman and LaRussa

I am asking you to vote for Geof Perrot, Sara Bowman and Joe LaRussa. All five candidates have terrific attributes. But I feel this would be a cohesive team for the future of Farmington.

Geof Perrot has enthusiasm and work ethic. He has built a resume of community experience. He has boots on the ground and listens to residents and visitors as a volunteer at our Farmer’s Market. He understands our community planning tools and zoning as a planning commissioner. Those are beneficial combinations that will result in effective leadership.

Sara Bowman is a leader and Farmington’s advocate. She has a proven record of working alongside every council member. When council has a disagreement, Bowman helps us find common sense compromise for our citizens.

Joe LaRussa applies his critical thinking skills. We have developed a professional relationship with open minded cooperation and the occasional respectful disagreement. This is what our citizens expect and need from their elected leaders.

One common characteristic about this group of candidates is they are not property owners in Downtown Farmington. For the first time in several decades our community has an opportunity to elect a City Council without downtown property owner’s influence. Our DDA Board is in place to fulfill the engagement of the downtown business community and provide them with additional services with proven effectiveness.

Perrot, Bowman and LaRussa are a group that is capable of embracing non-partisanship. They bring complementary levels of community experience. They can improve transparency. They actively listen to our residents. They use social media as an interactive communication tool. On the heels of the 2018 millage tax increase, Farmington residents should elect council members who are willing to consider allocating your tax increase equitably.

Please join me in supporting the slate of Geof Perrot, Sara Bowman and Joe LaRussa to lead the way forward for continual improvement of your comprehensive community services.

Bill Galvin
Farmington city council member

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