Your Voice: Farmington candidate’s contributions raise questions

To the editor:

We all have our reasons that we chose to live in Farmington. Our friendly and honest neighbors are a big reason, and our independence is another. Our city council is non-partisan and represents Farmington, celebrating our ability to govern ourselves without outside influence.

The Farmington Voice article from October 29 missed some pretty important details on campaign finance reporting. Specifically, that Maria Taylor has raised close to $5,000 from 40 different sources that do NOT reside in Farmington. Her contributors come from places like Plymouth, Oxford, and Marshall, MI. Also providing financial support is a Political Action Committee ( in Brooklyn, NY. WHAT???!!! THIS IS FARMINGTON, MICHIGAN!

Taylor’s largest contributor of $1,900 is Adrienne Pickett from Plymouth, MI. Pickett runs a company called The Guerrilla Politic ( Their purpose is to use their financial resources and marketing skills to aid their candidates/clients election into local offices to influence the direction of these communities.

We need to keep this influence out of Farmington as it is not welcome in OUR town!

Galvin, Scott, Cowley and LaRussa are not perfect, but each chose to pay property taxes and raise families in Farmington like so many of us. All four are more qualified candidates, please check their education and experience if you haven’t already. Someone that chooses to solicit so much aid from so many sources outside of our small town’s borders is wrong for Farmington.

With much Farmington pride,

Geof Perrot


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