Your Voice: Don’t resist change – control it

To the editor:

So many institutions today try to resist change much to their demise.

Farmington is a good example. The proposal concerning Maxfield (Training) Center by a developer for 115 apartments will bring a lot of people to our community and businesses.

A recent letter to the editor tries to make us fearful of the effects on our historic presence and cites Ann Arbor of making the same mistake of not concerning “the parking problem”.

I can make an example of a closer city that tried to stop change – Franklin. They also called themselves “the town that time forgot”. They agonized over septic systems when for years the county insisted on sewers. My wife and I owned the first house built in Franklin, and we liked the historic “ feel” .

Farmington can keep their history intact, but be ready to “move on”.

The owner of the old cleaner which later was a restaurant has intentions to build a sushi and steak house. He has also purchased the small house next store on Grand River for condos. Why have commercial interests take development which we (the school district of Farmington) could gain?

Richard Tengler

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