Your Voice: Don’t need dirty politics in Farmington


It’s my understanding that political advertisements MUST state who’s behind it. This prevents dirty politics, and outright slander.

However, someone in Farmington has decided to ignore political rules and put out thousands of door hangers. Particularly offensive is the language “The risk of a MONOPOLY is DESTRUCTIVE and MANIPULATIVE.” There’s a suggestion here that because three people are actively campaigning, they’re in lock step and will vote together. This is not fact, but presumption.

To me, these flyers feel like an act of desperation from a candidate (or candidates) who feels threatened, instead of clearly and openly stating what THEY stand for and will do for the city. Everyone needs to vote for who they think will best represent the city we want.

Having met the candidates who’ve taken the time to meet the community and talk with them, I feel confident in my choices and am offended and affronted by this underhanded, potentially illegal campaign ploy. As a city resident for 30+ years, this is the second time I’ve seen underhanded campaigning, and I say we don’t need dirty politics in Farmington.

Janet Newcomer

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