Your Voice: Disappointed in comments about Delind


As a former Farmington resident and business owner, this whole mess surrounding the City Council election saddens me.

Last October, having tried for over a year to find a smaller home in Farmington for us to downsize to, we moved 3 miles north to Farmington Hills. So, while I neither live nor vote in Farmington any more, I still shop and dine in the City at least weekly. I was disappointed to read Mr. Bowman’s remarks about David DeLind, when it appears, by his comments that he has never met David.

If Mr. Bowman took the time to get to know David DeLind, he would know that David missed meetings due to his job at DTE. He was working long hours to help the people of his beloved city get their power restored.

Having actually spent time speaking to Mr. DeLind, I know that one of the reasons he works for DTE in the capacity he does is that he wants to make a difference. It is why he chose to throw his hat in the ring for the open City Council seat last year–he wanted to make a difference.

David is a dedicated family man and brings a fresh, young perspective to the Council. Before taking Mr. Bowman’s opinion of David DeLind, do yourself–and your city–a favor. Get to know David DeLind. And vote him back onto the City Council.

Let’s leave nasty politics out of this beautiful city.

Cathy Gurnee
Farmington Hills


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