Your Voice: Davies will protect Farmington’s beauty


I am writing to express my personal support of Sarah Davies for Farmington City Council.

I have personally worked with Sarah Davies on several projects with the Farmington Area Jaycees. The Great Farmington Cleanup is an example of an impressive event that she championed. She presented the idea to our membership during one of our monthly meetings. She was clear and concise in the way she spoke, and it quickly became evident that Sarah Davies is a natural leader.

I remember walking together with her in Farmington’s Memorial Day parade on behalf of Keep Farmington Beautiful, an award winning organization which she created. The temperature quickly approached one-hundred degrees as we walked westward on Grand River. We were thirsty and sweaty, pushing strollers and carrying a banner, throwing out candy for the parade watchers. At no time, was there even a hint that she wanted take a break or give up. She forged ahead. Admittedly, I would have gladly stopped for some water or shade along the way, but when Sarah Davies has a goal in mind, her determination is unwavering. She inspired me that day, just by being herself.

Sarah Davies will work to make it easier to receive updates on what is happening within the city’s government. She supports the growth of our budding downtown and the enhancement of our parks. She is a lifetime Farmington resident, and a proud product of our Farmington Public Schools. She is gifted with the ability to solve challenging problems, while possessing the unique ability to translate complexities into simplicity.

I have lived in Farmington almost my entire life as well. I truly care about the city’s wellbeing and future. I know that Sarah Davies is someone who will be trusted to protect the beauty that Farmington has, and create the future that Farmington needs.

I hope you will join me on Tuesday by voting for Sarah Davies for Farmington City Council.

Andrew Buck

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