Your Voice: Davies is the change Farmington needs


I am writing to you today to urge the voters of Farmington to vote for Sarah Davies for City Council!

I have known Sarah since she began at Farmington Public Schools when she was just 7 years old. I taught her multiple years at Flanders and watched her involvement grow in the community over the years.

My students planted a tree outside Flanders in 1989, which won the class the Keep Michigan Beautiful award. After the school was closed down, both the school and the tree where removed to make way for a new subdivision. Sarah took it upon herself to make sure that the city planted a new tree and dedicated it to the Flanders families.

There were many hurdles and obstacles that Sarah had to encounter during the three years she worked on that project, but she never let them hold her back. She ended up hosting a wonderful grand opening party and tree dedication ceremony when the park was officially opened. Since then, Sarah has been working on fundraising efforts to try to raise enough funds to improve the park and secure new park equipment.

Sarah is the kind of person we really need on our City Council. She is always trying to keep our community clean, and even has started an annual cleanup event, the Great Farmington Cleanup. Sarah takes it a step further, too, and was even spotted cleaning up tons of styrofoam that was scattered all along Grand River and blowing into the Rouge River. Sarah stopped her car, got a trash bag and took her 5 year old daughter out to spend her own time cleaning up the trash to ensure that it wouldn’t end up in our watershed.

Sarah took home the Keep Farmington Beautiful award in 2018 and again this year for her outstanding cleanup efforts in Farmington. She is a member of the Farmington Jaycees and also was appointed to the Farmington Beautification Committee.

Sarah cares so much about Farmington and I have no doubt she will do great things for our city. It is important that we vote her into Council so that she can help move Farmington forward.

Sarah believes in bringing Farmington into the 21st century with municipal broadband, and is a huge advocate for improving our infrastructure, especially making our walkways wider to allow all pedestrians to move about safely, and smoother so our senior citizens do not have to fear tripping over uneven walkways. Sarah wants to see recycling and trash bins located throughout our community, so that when folks like her find empty bottles or trash among the sidewalks or streets, that they can be disposed of properly without littering.

Sarah is a voice for all of us. She truly listens and wants to allow our voices to be heard on the Council! Sarah wants the community heard and will be an excellent addition to our City Council. Please join me in supporting Sarah and casting your vote for “Sarah Davies”. She is the change that we are looking for.

Pam Green
Farmington resident and Farmington Board of Education member

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