Your Voice: Council member ‘frankly stunned’ by PVL letter


I’m frankly stunned at the statements made by Park View Lofts partners Tom Buck and Jeff Scott. Far from being “set aside”, their proposal was presented as the second highest qualified response according to the criteria the city and its consultants developed for the request for qualifications.

On December 21, 2020, the Farmington City Council had its second discussion about which developers should be considered for the next step of due diligence. I proposed that the city move forward with the three highest-scoring developers. The motion was supported by a majority of the council.

I also released the summary score sheet provided by the administration on my Facebook page. The criteria for evaluation were determined collaboratively and approved by the council before the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) was released.

PVL Farmington scored 46 out of a possible 55 points on the scoring sheet, edging out the third-place finisher by a single point. I was equally surprised that one of PVL Farmington’s partners, Jeff Scott, spoke during Public Comment to challenge the results.

I simply can’t understand how you finish second, and then show up at the meeting and complain that you received unfair treatment in the rating process. Getting to the next step is proof that your proposal met the criteria for continued consideration. So, the only reason an organization would behave in this manner would be to attempt to control or manipulate the conversation around the selection process. That will not be tolerated on this or any other project.

The next phase of due diligence will include a deeper analysis of financial/design information and will focus on refining the various proposals to converge on a concept that best aligns with Farmington’s needs.

I think the residents can be confident that we are considering the right facts in this discussion, and that our process is deliberate and informed.

Joe LaRussa

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