Your Voice: City will benefit from Robertson townhomes


First, a thank you to the City Council for all their work, and for limiting the options for development of the Maxfield site. I am writing in support of the Robertson Brothers plan for owner-occupied townhomes over the River Caddis apartment proposal.

Here’s an important consideration. The city of Farmington is less than 3 miles square, yet is already home to several apartment complexes, including Drakeshire, Jamestown, Kensington Manor, Farmington Place, and Farmington West. That’s A LOT of apartment complexes for a city as small as Farmington. Farmington Hills, which surrounds much of our town, has numerous developments, as well.

The vast majority of these complexes are lovely, well-maintained places for Farmington citizens to live, and apartment dwellers can certainly be active, worthwhile members of the community. But isn’t it true that people who live in apartments tend to be more mobile than those who own homes? And give this mobility, how invested are they in our city, long term?

What I find most appealing in the Robertson Brothers proposal for the former Maxfield property is that their vision is for 59 town homes to be owned by individuals, not 124 units inhabited by people who will come and go. I like the fact that fewer people will be living in the space, parking will be more reasonable, and the whole appearance of the development will be softer, will fit in better with the adjacent neighborhood.

What I love most of all, though, is that those units will be filled by people who plan to stay in Farmington, who will have a true stake in the health of the community and the continuing appeal of our unique downtown. Those who choose this kind of development in the middle of an urban center will be very likely to patronize shops and restaurants in the area and to have a sense of psychic as well as physical ownership.

One last thought – 77 Farmington residents living throughout the city recently signed a petition favoring their support for the Robertson project. Shouldn’t their wishes be given priority?

Please, choose the Robertson Brothers development. I believe our city will reap the benefits for years to come.

Mary Brown

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