Your Voice: Candidates respond to endorsement criticism


As proud Farmington residents, it has been our honor to speak with residents across this city as we have campaigned to earn your support.

Collectively, we have knocked on the door of every local voter in Farmington. Especially in the era of COVID-19, the ability to combine our time and shoe leather (and also keep everyone as safe as possible during a global pandemic) has been the hallmark of our campaign and something we are extremely proud of. It’s something Farmington residents can count on from each of us if you cast your votes for us this election — that we value your input and will fight hard for transparency and for access for all residents to participate in City Council meetings both virtually and in-person.

Speaking of transparency, some of our critics have said having the endorsement of the elected leaders chosen by the citizens of Farmington is a negative attribute. We obviously couldn’t disagree more strongly. On the contrary, we know that having the trust of those who represent our community at the state and federal level creates opportunities for us to amplify Farmington’s needs to those with the ability to make changes. We are proud that each of us has earned such support.

Each of us has worked tirelessly throughout this campaign (and our terms on City Council) to gather input from Farmington residents, serve our communities through our jobs and volunteer work, and raise funds to share our vision and priorities through campaign literature that you have likely seen in your mailbox. We don’t plan to stop this hard work after the campaign is done. On the contrary, we promise that, if selected to serve you on City Council, we will work even harder to deliver on the positive, pro-Farmington priorities we have communicated throughout this campaign — responsible development, upholding diversity and fairness, planning ahead for the effects of worsening weather.

Now it’s your turn. With your vote, you have the power to decide Farmington’s future. And don’t think for a second that your vote doesn’t count. Here in Farmington, local races have been decided by a handful of votes.

Local elections do matter. Farmington matters. On November 2, make sure to cast your votes for the people who will make your vision of Farmington come true.

Maria Taylor, Incumbent City Council member
David DeLind, Incumbent City Council member
Johnna Balk, City Council candidate

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