Your Voice: Beware Farmington slate of candidates


Farmington City voters need to beware and be informed. As you complete your absentee ballot or head to the voting polls, be sure you have all the facts. Our city council is comprised of five voting members. That means it takes three votes to pass a motion. Currently, there are three open seats on our council. These seats represent the majority of our council.

There are three people (Taylor, DeLind, and Balk) who are running as a team or slate. In essence, this means they are running together and if all three are elected, they would have control of the voting for our city. This would not be in the best interest for the public they serve. We need independent and thoughtful thinkers who will vote based on facts and what is best for the citizens they represent and not that of a team/slate.

In the City of Farmington, our mayor is selected by the council members. By electing a team/slate, we simply give the three of them complete control over deciding who the mayor of our city will be. Politics are tricky and most of us don’t have time to look into the nuances of these details.

That is why I am encouraging you to mindful when casting your votes. I will be voting amongst the four candidates that I believe have excellent leadership and will serve our community well. They are Steve Schneeman, Geof Perrot, Cathi Waun and Maria Taylor.

Pam Green

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