Your Voice: Adults in school setting should lift up students


The timing of the comments made by (Harrison High administrator Angela) Leach seem so odd to me.

I understand that they were made at a pep rally, but this wasn’t the first time the cheerleaders have performed this season. If any adult had an issue with the performance of those athletes, something should have been said way before, and appropriately, to them privately.

I have witnessed these girls practicing after school while waiting for my daughter’s field hockey games to start, and they are a dedicated group, working on each cheer until they performed them with precision. I was impressed by the little bit that I saw out of the context of being in uniform and at a football game.

I don’t know if different cheers would have been performed at a pep rally, but what I saw in no way resembled anything remotely inappropriate. Shame on any adult in a school setting that puts students down instead of lifting them up.

Lynne Gagner

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