Your Voice: Absences, slate concern Farmington voter


As a citizen of the City of Farmington, I think it is important to be an informed voter. I have learned from city hall that one of our current council members (who was appointed to the council) has missed three council meetings so far this year. Two of these meetings were very important. One was to vote on the budget for the city, which is one of the major responsibilities of the council and the other was related to the Fiber Optic plan for the city.

When asking about why Mr. DeLind missed these meetings as well as the August 16, 2021 meeting, I was informed that his job with DTE interfered with his attendance. I respect that everyone must work to support their family however, I also believe that the people we vote in to represent us on important issues need to be present in order to cast their vote during these major decisions.

On another note, I am also concerned about the notion of three candidates running as a team or slate for City Council. Our council is made up of five people. It only takes three like votes to pass a motion. Having three people on a team or slate is not in the best interest of those our elected officials represent. While we need a cohesive council, we do not need a council where three people are predisposed to vote in a given direction.

Consider your votes carefully. I am considering Steve Schneeman, Geof Perot, Cathi Waun and Maria Taylor as my candidates. I encourage you to learn about these worthy candidates and cast your vote for three of them.

Matt Green

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