Your Voice: 30-year resident opposes MTC apartment plans


I wanted to share my views re: the MTC Development plans. (FARMINGTON PLANNING COMMISSION TABLES MAXFIELD DECISION)

As I look out my kitchen window, there is no bigger issue facing our city in terms of a lasting legacy. My house is right next door to the church parking lot, and this development will be looking right into my bedroom and kitchen windows.

The Apartment Study that was done states that we could absorb 400-500 units in the next few years. This may be true (I question it, though), but you can’t shoehorn 115 apartments and 200+ cars into a small space that is surrounded on all sides.

Crumbling hill on one side, a church that is on the National Register of Historic Places that will die if it loses its parking on one side, and the Historic District on the other side.

No one in this neighborhood argues that some sort of development should take place. My wife and I are anxious for the right thing to happen next door. We all got very excited when the second plan was hatched that included 60 OWNER OCCUPIED Condos. True neighbors that own their place and have skin in the game is what we are looking for.

The fact that AC Acquisitions pitched this plan in order to get a reduction in the purchase price from the school board was bad form and very misleading on their part. The fact that the bid has been adjusted back up by $100,000 does not change this. Is that the kind of partner the City is looking to hitch their wagon to??

I see that the Planning Commission/Developer has a Traffic Study going on right now. Can you please let someone know that by doing this study when school is not in session, they will NOT get a true understanding of what will happen in our little neighborhood? Warner onto Shiawassee will back up huge, Oakland onto Warner will back up huge, Farmington turning onto Shiawassee will also back up huge as kids drive to FHS (Farmington High School), parents take kids to FHS, and lots of busses go every which way. Not to mention all the folks heading to work. Add to the mix 150+ cars and you have a recipe for disaster.

Maybe if we looked at the parallel plan that AC Acquisitions has to submit under the PUD, we could understand the situation better. No wait…for some reason they have not been required to submit such a plan. That’s odd, don’t you think?

AC Acquisitions bid too much money for this property and now he has to figure out some way to turn a profit.

This seems ass backward to me. Why don’t the city, the DDA, the Planning Commission, the Church and the Developer come together and hatch a plan that makes sense for this unique property, that enhances the downtown, that blends in and is a true transition from commercial to single family, historic homes that the city claims gives the city and the downtown such charm. Then figure out what the price will be.

If this development goes as proposed, as you drive down Warner from Grand River and pass Thomas St., you will see the sign that welcomes you to the Historic District on your right. Just on the other side of that sign will be a brand new apartment development!

Does that make good sense?

Nothing says charming and historic like a new apartment complex with insufficient parking that only makes that issue worse than it already is.

This development is a big, huge deal for the City of Farmington. I will hate to see the leaders of this city fumble it like some punt snap in a Michigan-MSU game! I think they are all suffering from MTC Fatigue. They just want something done so they don’t have to keep dealing with it.

I have lived in this house for 30 years now, so I think I have earned the right to have and share these views.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Chris Schroer

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