Your Voice: 25-year resident supports Farmington millage


As a resident of Farmington for over 25 years, I write today to state my support of the upcoming millage proposal to be voted on November 6.

As a citizen who has been active in a wide variety of community roles over those 25 years, I have seen first-hand many of benefits of living and working in Farmington. Solid leadership in all levels of our city government has resulted in mutually beneficial relationships with the city of Farmington Hills, the Farmington Public School District, the Chamber of Commerce and many other civic organizations.

As a homeowner, we have enjoyed excellent Farmington city services such as quick public safety response time, thorough leaf and trash pick-up programs and consistent snow removal which all add to the value of our homes and neighborhoods. In addition, the city supports quality of life events such as the Founders Festival, the Farmers Market, the Warner Mansion Museum and the Civic Theater – all of which help make Farmington a special place to live.

However, as much as we residents appreciate and enjoy this high level of service, there is a price tag. All these efforts by leaders, programs which add to our quality of life and support our home values cost money. While our leaders have done a good job of trying to contain costs and expenses, they continue to rise as they do for all of us. In addition, all us of are still struggling to recover our home values from the Great Recession era, and state laws limit how much and how quickly city governments can raise tax revenue, so we actually are paying lower taxes than we were 10 years ago.

So, I am asking my fellow residents to support the 3-mill investment program requested by our city leaders to prevent potential service cut-backs, staff reductions or further depletion of city resources. I enjoy living here in Farmington and appreciate all the benefits provided by our local government. I am willing to invest in our future by voting yes on the millage request, and I urge my fellow residents to share our vision for a strong Farmington and vote yes as well.

Jim Stark

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