Warner Middle School student wins Math Olympiad Award

Yash Mehta Word Masters
Yash Mehta (Farmington Public Schools)

Yash Mehta, a Warner Middle School student, has received the George Lenchner Award, which is given to students who earn a perfect score of 25 in the Math Olympiad for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS).

Of more than 20,300 international students participating, only 143 achieved a perfect score.

Earlier this year, Yash also earned fourth place in the nation in WordMasters, a vocabulary challenge.

“Yash Mehta has made Warner Middle School and Farmington Public Schools (FPS) proud by achieving this and showing that FPS is striving to provide their students with the best education,” said Asmi Mehta, the VP of Enrichments at Warner Middle School and Yash’s mother. “This is clearly visible in the outstanding performance of their student community.”

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