Virtual Farmington Hills church service offers holiday comfort

A Farmington Hills church hopes to offer the community some “Christmas Peace”, with a virtual service held at 7 p.m. on December 12.

Christmas Peace St. John Lutheran ChurchHosted by St. John Lutheran Church, the event is open to anyone, regardless of religious background or beliefs.

“The main idea behind it,” Rev. Dr. Mark Fisher said, “is that, particularly during the holidays, the expectation for us to be joyful is sometimes contrasted by heartaches and other problems we’re going through. That’s kind of hard on people.”

The 40-minute service will have a comforting vibe, with a lot of smooth jazz, instrumental music, he said. Members of the church on Gill Road will share their experiences; one will speak about life with a disability, another will share how long-term health problems affected their spiritual growth.

Fisher will also deliver a message about the peace of the season.

“We all are hurting in some way, especially during the holidays,” he said. “This service will help people get in touch with those feelings by receiving comfort from the Spirit and each other as we allow ourselves to be ministered to.”

The church is also considering similar events in January and February, Fisher said.

You can access the Saturday service from the church’s home page, The Zoom Meeting Code is 812 6530 9858. Or watch on Facebook live: St. John Lutheran Church.

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