Two dozen applicants seek Farmington Hills council seat

By the time applications closed on January 7, 24 Farmington Hills residents had applied for the council seat vacated by State Rep. Samantha Steckloff.

City officials on Monday talked about the interview process, which will span two days and be open to the public via Zoom.

“We’ve got a tough job in front of us,” council member Ken Massey said. “I looked through the applicants, and we’ve got a lot of great people who want to serve the community.”

With a 2-minute opening statement and 25 minutes of council questions for each, Mayor Vicki Barnett estimated officials could finish 16 interviews on Saturday, January 23, and another eight on Sunday, January 24. They also expect to make their selection on Sunday.

To ensure fairness, the council will release initial questions beforehand and may also ask follow-up questions during the interviews.

“This is a good group of people,” Barnett said. “I’m in blown away.”

Council member Jackie Boleware said while 23 people may be disappointed, many other volunteer opportunities are available in Farmington Hills, and any of the applicants can run for a council seat in November.

City Clerk Pam Smith suggested sending a letter to applicants inviting them to interview. Slots will be randomly assigned.

Officials agreed that each will select their six top candidates. Then they’ll vote on six finalists, based on those who receive at least three votes. With a six-member body, the successful applicant must garner at least four votes.

These residents will be invited to interview:

  • Daniel Irvin
  • Samuel Ramsey III
  • Ken Klemmer
  • Randy Bruce
  • Roger Avie
  • Terri L. Renshaw
  • Charles Starkman
  • TR Carr
  • William R. White
  • Diane Young
  • Erik Lindquist
  • Kelle Shepherd-Bhavsar
  • Donald C. Dawkins
  • Asim Khan
  • Alex Meyers
  • Joseph Curran
  • Nitasha Dutta
  • Jennifer Greening
  • Michele Green
  • Marisa Varga
  • Matthew Strickfaden
  • Carrie Christoph
  • Leon Walsh, Jr.
  • Nathaniel McClure

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