Three Farmington Schools PTAs win national awards

The National PTA has recognized Farmington High School PTSA, Farmington STEAM Academy PTSA, and the Hillside Elementary PTA as 2020-2022 Schools of Excellence.

The awards recognize the schools for building strong, effective family-school partnerships that enrich the educational experience and overall well-being for all students.

“Parents and families have always been essential partners in education,” Farmington Area PTA Council president Beth Hulett said. “It is a critical component of successful school systems because it improves communication and understanding and increases trust in the community. As PTA, the nation’s largest children’s advocacy organization, we support meaningful engagement of parents and families, on an ongoing basis, in the creation of education policies, especially those that directly impact students and families.”

National PTA president Anna King congratulated the three schools, among only 351 to earn the honor.

“Their efforts have made a positive impact for all students, families, and their school, which has been and continues to be more important than ever, especially given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic,” she said.

National PTA’s School of Excellence program is a year-long commitment to improving family-school partnerships. Throughout the year, PTAs and schools collect feedback from their school communities to create and implement plans of action to make a difference for every child.

Through the School of Excellence program, PTAs and families become key partners in decision-making and school improvement efforts. The program opens the lines of communication and critical thinking within school communities to make data-driven decisions that yield positive, long-term results.

National PTA executive director Nathan R. Monell said open lines of communication and strong family-school partnerships have been especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We must continue to keep these practices going in the new school year to address learning gaps experienced during the pandemic and support students’ social and emotional needs,” he said. “National PTA’s School of Excellence program can help strengthen or rebuild family-school partnerships while we continue to recover from the effects of COVID-19 and ensure students, families, and schools have what they need to thrive.”

To celebrate their achievements, the schools have received certificates and a National PTA School of Excellence banner. To learn more, visit

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