THE HOME SELLING PROCESS – Are you prepared to sell?

So many times, we have people who ask us about selling their homes and what they need to do to get it ready. How do I get started? What do I do first? My neighbor sold their home for this much, so I can get the same price, correct? Can you help me? My answer? Absolutely we can!

At the initial meeting, we provide the clients with a HOME SELLING PROCESS board. This will explain the process from beginning to end and what to expect. From the first meeting, to how to prep the home, as well as other significant stations along the way. This board is so important for the first-time seller because there will be so many things that will happen during the process of selling.

Also included on this board is THE MOVE, and things to think about before moving. Have you hired movers? Did you transfer all the utilities to your new home? Does the post office have your new address to where you are moving? Its almost like a checklist of things to do to prepare yourself and your family.

Selling your home seems like it can be challenging! But using the HOME SELLING PROCESS board, meeting with one of our team members, and keeping the communication lines open with us, we will make the selling process as easy as possible for you.

We look forward to helping you and, as always, remember to “Work with the team FITZ for you!”

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