The effects of remote or hybrid learning

The current survey asks readers about the effects of remote or hybrid learning on children and families. Here are the top-level results. Haven’t taken the survey yet? You can do so here.

Some comments by survey participants

Some comments by survey participants

  • Have enjoyed the increased family time together but my child is socially AND academically bored with remote/hybrid schooling.
  • My daughter has become a leader in her class. She participates. She asks questions, speaks up. These are new to online learning. She used to get marked down for all of these things.
  • Our child seems to be doing the same at home as before, academically. He really connects with teachers, so a lot of that is missed being remote. Socially, it is mixed. He was stressed with some of the negative things in school like boys smack-talking. But on the other hand, the joy I saw that first day of track practice when he saw some of his friends again, I realized how much he was missing that interaction. As far as home and parent work life is going, we have all been working remotely since this started. We all have our own private space and technology. Both of us parents’ education allows us to help with any homework and technology issues. So we thankfully have a great situation for remote learning.
  • In a GlOBAL pandemic the district did well navigating and out family appreciates the efforts and rolled with the changes and appreciated the options! Thank you FPS for making the best of an unprecedented tough situation all the way around! We are grateful!
  • One child(3rd grade) focuses much better at school. I think her current teachers think she isn’t as bright because she is more distracted at home. I am worried that they aren’t learning everything and will be struggling next year.
  • It was harder to communicate with teachers they were not available by the time I got home from work and if there was issues we just play the email game my children are doing so much better now they are in person
  • Both my children and my self had to seek out counseling since the beginning of the pandemic regarding the stress of not being in school and it being different than “before times
  • We are closer. Siblings bonded so much!!!
  • This has been an extremely difficult time for my daughters at North, all of the teachers do things differently, some use Canvas, or Google Classroom, some grade on MiStar some on Canvas. It has been HELL. And my one daughter failed a class. and I cannot believe I couldn’t get it changed to a Pass/Fail grade. My husband and I both work from home now. I don’t think the teachers did anyone any favors by not coming together and having ONE process for all of the kids and parents to follow. This is not the time for customization…this is helping us get our children through a pandemic. Not sticking to their lesson plan of years ago. A lot of busy work that only is frustrating if you can’t post it, then your grade goes down….for a word search? I don’t think many thought about this from the USERS point of view. I have said this to counseling many times and have worked with your CANVAS LMS team. I consult with corporations on learning programs, so I know from what I speak.
  • One of my kids is doing better online, one is doing worse, and one is doing the same. The biggest problem I have is that there are way too many assignments. My child that is doing worse does just fine on tests so I don’t think her ability to learn remotely is the problem. She is largely doing worse because she’s not able to complete all of the assignments. One of the biggest problems is that she does not know how to type and since most assignments are online, it takes two to three times as long as it should. I’ve discussed this with her counselor and the teachers and they don’t seem willing to make any kind of accommodations.
  • Misses friends. Doesn’t do homework because doesn’t see the point.

Summer school programming

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