Steckloff sets sights on November, more Dem seats

Samantha Steckloff
Samantha Steckloff (

Just days after a big win in the 37th District Democratic primary, Samantha Steckloff has set her sights on November, and flipping the Michigan State House of Representatives.

A Democratic stronghold since 2002, the district encompasses both Farmington and Farmington Hills. Steckloff, a Farmington Hills city council member, defeated council colleague Michael Bridges and Former Hills council member Randy Bruce, with nearly half the vote.

“That, and the way the numbers fell was shocking to me,” said Steckloff, whose mother, Vicki Barnett, held the 37th District seat for six years. “As the results started coming in, I felt so calm during that time, and I have no idea why.”

‘Doing good in our community’

Steckloff said the week before the election was emotional. “I put all my eggs in this basket. I ran full-time. I took every opportunity to make sure we were doing good in our community.”

As COVID-19 took hold in March, Steckloff said, she started making wellness calls to Farmington Hills residents in her role as city council member. As part of that effort, she talked with seniors, helped people with unemployment claims, and learned about constituents’ needs.

“I had interns deliver things to people’s homes,” she said. “It had nothing to do with the campaign.”

While Steckloff is campaigning for November, she is also focused on flipping four seats currently held by Republicans, which would give Democrats a majority in the Michigan House. Most of those seats, she said, are in Oakland County.

Looking past November 3, when she faces Republican Mitch Swoboda, Steckloff is also concerned about the political divisiveness in Lansing and in her community. She said she has already established relationships with Republican lawmakers, and she hopes to meet with members of the Farmington Area Republican Club.

“I will do everything in my power to bring us back together, at least in Farmington and Farmington Hills,” she said. “I am so grateful to have earned (the community’s) trust, and I will not throw it away.”

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