Spectrum switch may mean new equipment for subscribers

The Farmington area’s largest cable provider will move next month toward an all-digital network, and subscribers may need to add some new equipment.

According to a company press release, the switch will improve picture quality and allow access to more than 230 HD channels and more free On Demand programs.

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The all-digital upgrade is scheduled for April 10, and the company is notifying customers of their need to acquire a Spectrum digital receiver. Leigh Byrd, Communications Manager at Charter Communications, said the company is offering a variety of receiver options. And customers who use the Spectrum app or have Smart TVs may not need one.

“It’s best to talk to your customer service rep… agents will be equipped to answer specifics on individual accounts,” she said. “But using a Spectrum box will give our customers access to a more expansive channel offering and exciting new products and services.”

To obtain a digital receiver, call 855-222-0102 or visit a local Spectrum store, 37635 Enterprise Ct., Farmington Hills or 14525 Farmington Rd., Livonia. Learn more at spectrum.com/digitalnow.


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