Shark Tank winner talks with Farmington High students

Farmington High marketing students recently got to hear first-hand how to take an invention from concept to Kickstarter to Shark Tank.

Max Feber
Entrepreneur Max Feber speaks with marketing students at Farmington High School. (Farmington Public Schools)

On January 14, West Bloomfield native Max Feber talked with students about his company, BRUW, which he launched while attending Sam and Jean Frankel Jewish Academy. The BRUW Filter aims to simplify the process of making cold brewed coffee, with a reusable filter that works with Mason jars.

After numerous prototypes and rigorous testing, Feber introduced the product in November 2015 via Kickstarter and, within a month raised more than $10,000. Production began in 2016.

Three years after making his first filters, Feber brought his product to Shark Tank, where he chose Mark Cuban’s pledge of $50,000 for a 30 percent share of the company, from among three offers.

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Feber now studies Entrepreneurship at Babson University in Massachusetts; professors helped him set up his supply chain, secure a warehouse, and sell his product.

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