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Optimists Creed promises hope of better days

Optimists Creed
Hope this helps people realize feeling better about yourself involves helping others. The Optimist Creed makes you think beyond the crises at hand and see better days ahead. – Cathy Neal, President, Farmington/Farmington Hills Optimist Club


More thanks for trash haulers, mask making

The Bassett family in Farmington Hills continues to thank and recognize those who risk their lives for those of us who can stay home.

Bassett family front line workers
The Bassett family chalks up the street at their Farmington Hills home and leaves drinks to thank local trash haulers. (Leland Bassett)
Bassett & Bassett Strategic Meetings Manager Laura Raisch
Bassett & Bassett Strategic Meetings Manager Laura Raisch, in the classic Rosie the Riveter pose, shows the masks she makes every day. (Leland Bassett)


Saving grace in fishing

From Farmington resident Melody Jaske: Being able to fish has been my saving grace through my furlough. Love being outside and seeing a lot of great sunsets and catching a fish or two is a bonus indeed.

Founders Park #f2hstrong
Taken two weeks ago at Founders Sports Park in Farmington Hills. (Melody Jaske)
Newburgh Lake #f2hstrong
Newburgh Lake at sunset. (Melody Jaske)
First bass Founders Park #f2hstrong
First bass catch of 2020 at Founders Sports Park in Farmington Hills. (Melody Jaske)


Five Lakes CrossFit support for members

Five Lakes Crossfit, a Farmington HIlls gym (owned by a young married couple living in Farmington Hills, whose family members are also employees) – is a small business that has been affected by the Stay Home closure. To help provide service to their members that cannot go to the gym during the shut down, they have loaned out much of their equipment to their members at no cost, including bikes/rowers/weights/barbells/etc. Without hesitation, they let us members borrow thousands of dollars of equipment to set up our own temporary home gyms!

They are providing multiple online classes to keep members fit and motivated – we are a pretty tight bunch (calling ourselves the Five Lakes Tribe) and really miss our workouts together that keep us fit and healthy! Workouts can be done together thru Zoom gatherings, or at home with the great equipment that they lent to members. We log our workouts and results, keeping each other motivated. While it might seems like a unimportant small thing, it has allowed us (members) a way to keep some normalcy to our lives, relieve some stress and stay connected to each other while we are “Staying Home, Staying Safe”.

Owners Liz and James are huge supporters of local and national charities, even before the current pandemic. They have supported CARES of Farmington HIlls by collecting toiletries, cleaning supplies and baby items for the food bank; supported Fisher House, which builds homes near VA hospitals (similar to Ronald McDonald House, but for the families of veterans that are being treated at VA hospital), supported the Riley Ice Rink in downtown Farmington, and various animal charities are just a few. And during this closure, another way they have kept their “tribe” connected and motivated is with a fun Quarantingo game (like bingo) with donating to food banks/thanking first responders and health care workers/buying gift cards for local Farmington business as ways to earn a square on the bingo card — and winners receiving gift cards to local Farmington businesses.


A “beary” nice message

#F2HStrong Power Road Loomis
This display of appreciation was spotted at Power Road and Loomis in Farmington.


Showing support for essential workers

The Bassetts of Farmington Hills are sharing some extra support for workers who are considered essential. In addition to the photos below, they left a larger-than-usual tip for the driver who brought a delivery from a local restaurant.

#F2HStrong Bassett
We set out a thanks card with pops for the waste collectors. They made a point of thanking us — from a safe distance.
#F2HStrong Bassett
We left a $20 bill in the envelope for a package delivery. They are risking their lives so we can stay home.


F2HStrong Happy Face
A reader found this happy face at the corner of Alta Loma and Liberty in Farmington.


COVID-19 Survivor at Beaumont

A COVID survivor story made possible by the front-line health care professionals at Beaumont Hospital, Farmington Hills:


You’ll find this chalk art from Dawn Grady on Dohany in Farmington Hills.


Happy birthday, Ellie!

Neighbors, friends and family made posters and helped our 10 year old Ellie, celebrate her birthday with a drive-by parade. With approx 20 cars coming, it made her day special and my heart was rejuvenated with how special it was. We are so grateful.


F2HStrong sign
Seen on Farmington Road north of Grand River. (Susan Kramer)


Post by Instagram user @luckysunshine25


The Rolling Stoves gift cards

In March, an anonymous donor bought $1,500 in The Rolling Stoves gift cards so that first responders and health care workers could stop in and get a free meal. Two weeks later, the Farmington restaurant announced that three more donors had purchased another $2,500 in gift cards to extend the program.

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