Sewing connects Farmington Hills transplant with community

As a relatively new resident of Farmington Hills, Taylor Frey has spent the past couple years getting to know her town.

Even with the farmers market and a favorite local brewery, the area felt comfortable, she still found it difficult to make personal connections. But since starting her small sewing business, Quilted Kidd LLC, over the past year, Frey found the supportive community she knew was out there. And she owes it to Instagram.

Taylor Frey
Taylor Frey (Contributed)

“When I was first starting out, I had no idea how to launch a business. I would see strangers on social media who looked so successful with these amazing, thriving companies,” said Frey. “I figured they knew more about it than I did, so I began messaging them to ask questions – lots and lots of questions!”

Slowly, strangers turned into friends, and many live right here in the Farmington area, she added.

“I mostly sew baby gift items, but I only know so many parents who can give me input about my products,” she said. “On Instagram, I’ve found this incredible community of moms, dads and business owners – even though I’ve never met most of them in person, I know they’re in my town, and I can feel them rooting for me as I build Quilted Kidd.”

Whether it’s from a local photographer, a downtown business or simply a neighbor, the advice she received has made her even more excited to share her hand-crafted pieces, as well as the story behind them.

Taylor FreyOriginally from Pennsylvania, Frey grew up watching her mom sew, and she spent hours sitting in the floor as her mom made the best Halloween costumes on the block. That was the first time she saw how happy sewing can make people. Later, when she got her first sewing machine, she was hooked.

“When there was a baby boom among my friends and family, I made so many gifts for them, and I quickly realized that I love doing this,” she said.

Thanks to encouragement from friends, she opened the Quilted Kidd shop on Etsy. While the shop is her main focus, Frey hopes to find time to do more local events in person, either at the market or Farmington’s many fairs throughout the year.

Frey moved to Michigan for a career opportunity in 2014. She and her husband lived in a few different cities around Metro Detroit, but ultimately chose Farmington Hills. And like many others who have moved to the area, she’s feeling more and more like a Michigander every day.

“I think I’m in a growing group of ‘new’ Michigan natives,” she said. “This is becoming home.”

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