Senior homes coming to Nine Mile in Farmington Hills

After multiple revisions, Farmington Hills city council members unanimously approved plans for a “senior targeted” housing development on Nine Mile Road just east of I-275.

Chasewood Villas at 38500 Nine Mile Road will replace the former Piemontese Swim Club. Proposed first with 30 one-level units, the project now calls for 25 with 4.37 acres of open space. Besides reducing the density, developers flipped a cul-de-sac street so fewer homes abut the single-family neighborhood to the east.

Jon Aldred for Farmington Hills City Council

Pulte Homes senior housing Farmington Hills

Representing Pulte Homes, Mike Noles said the development “has come a long way”. Other changes include a fire suppression system, public streets, and more green space along Nine Mile, to create a more attractive entrance.

Noles said the design now includes privacy fencing for residents who asked for it. A homeowners’ association will cover maintenance costs.

“The proposal qualifies to the letter of your cluster ordinance,” he said. “We have also incorporated changes suggested by council and residents.”

Council member Valerie Knol said she still had a problem with density.

“I do hear you. I do appreciate you’ve been willing to compromise. I do think it’s better,” she said.

Upscaled entrance, bno boulevard

Knol also asked that the company use high-quality materials at the entrance and choose deer-resistant plantings. Council member Ken Massey asked about creating a boulevard to enhance the view from Nine Mile.

Noles said the entrance would have to move back 60 feet from the road centerline, because Pulte cannot build in the Nine Mile right-of-way. Also, he said, that would add 48 feet of asphalt, rather than 27 feet in the plan.

“If you’re trying to make your entrance look better, spend it on landscaping instead of buying more pavement that the city is ultimately going to have to maintain,” he said.

Mayor Vicki Barnett acknowledged neighbors would not be fully happy with a development going up next door, “but we can’t deny when you meet the ordinance.”

“You have gone above and beyond,” she said. “I would like it less dense, but I don’t think we have an option. You’ve come a long way.”

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