Salvation Army delivers meals to Beaumont health workers

On Monday, the Salvation Army Farmington Hills Corps Community Center delivered food for hundreds of frontline health workers at Beaumont-Farmington Hills Hospital.

Judy Tekautz Salvation Army Farmington Hills
Major Judy Tekautz, divisional secretary of program for The Salvation Army Eastern Michigan Division, prepares a pot of chili for doctors and nurses at Beaumont Hospital in Farmington Hills. (Salvation Army)

Approximately 250 cups of chili, along with 250 salads and 50 cups of soup – all pre-packaged and sealed – were delivered to Beaumont’s loading dock, and from there, a Beaumont staff member hand-delivered items to hospital staff.

Salvation Army Farmington Hills delivery to Beaumont
Volunteer Julie Dorony (far left), along with Lt. Karen Kumar and Lt. Anil Kumar of The Salvation Army Farmington Hills Corps Community Center, donated boxes of supplies to a Beaumont Health employee (second from left) in Farmington Hills on Monday. (Salvation Army)

Salvation Army staff followed health and safety guidelines by wearing gloves and masks, and adhering to social distancing guidelines while delivering the meals.

Salvation Army Farmington Hills salads
Lt. Karen Kumar of The Salvation Army Farmington Hills Corps Community Center, far left, is pictured alongside volunteers Patty and Julie, Major Romeo Alip, Major Judy Tekautz and Major Evelyn Alip after preparing 250 individually packaged salads on Monday. (Salvation Army)

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