Safety plan helps Farmington Hills family escape fire

A Farmington Hills family safely escaped an apartment fire last week, thanks to a lightning fast Fire Department response and information shared through the department’s Fall Assembly Program at Kenbrook Elementary.

On November 14, firefighters were installing a smoke alarm for a resident at Echo Valley Apartments when a fire call came in.

Echo Valley Farmington Hills Fire

“It’s not uncommon to see our firefighters performing fire prevention efforts while on duty,” Farmington Hills Fire Marshal Jason Baloga said in a press release. “When they got the call, firefighters looked out the window of the residence where they were installing a smoke alarm and saw a fire in the apartment right across the street.”

The firefighters forced entry into the smoke-filled apartment, searched for occupants, and extinguished the fire. The resident had already safely escaped with her two children.

As they interviewed the family, firefighters learned they had recently reviewed the National Fire Protection Agency’s (NFPA) Home Fire Escape Plan and Checklist that one of the children brought home after the assembly. The information taught the family how to escape quickly and safely, and then call 911.

Farmington Hills Fire Department Avengers
Farmington HIlls firefighters present a fall fire prevention assembly at local elementary schools. (Contributed)

Farmington Hills residents who need a working smoke alarm or who could use help installing an alarm, should call 248-871-2800. Farmington Public Safety Department also offers assistance for Farmington residents; calL 248-474-4700.

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