Riley Park Ice Rink event draws Harry Potter fans

Fans of the Harry Potter book and movie series crowded into downtown Farmington’s Walter Sundquist Farmington Pavilion and Riley Park Ice Rink for a December 28 skate that included themed treats, a horcrux hunt, trivia, and a spooky “Knockturn Alley” experience.

Melissa Andrade, who chairs the ice rink’s volunteer committee, said about 500 fans of all ages attended.

Harry Potter Skate
(Lesa Ferencz)
Harry Potter Quidditch
Jackie Hancock and Kelli Zielinski traveled from Ann Arbor to attend the Harry Potter skate. Zielinski made their brooms. (Lesa Ferencz)

The city’s Public Works staff got the rink open just a week before the event, despite a heavy November snow that pushed leaf collection into December.

Harry Potter Skate Jeff Pavlik
Jeff Pavlik of Sunflour Bakehaus had a basket of pretzel wands and gingerbread guys on hand for the Harry Potter event.

Farmington residents Jerry and Madison Clark and Joey Soffer, and city Treasurer Chris Weber greeted visitors in Knockturn Alley, which was filled with spooky decorations and device that measured young wizards’ magical powers.

Farmington Area Jaycees Harry Potter event
Volunteers from the Farmington Area Jaycees handed out Hot Chocolate Frogs and Felix Felicis with Floo Powder.
Sean O’Reilly Kevin Christiansen
Sean O’Reilly as Voldemort is pictured with city Economic and Community Development Director Kevin Christiansen during the Harry Potter skate.

Andrade said Farmington Public Safety assisted with the event, and a number of city staffers pitched in to help make it a success.

“I was truly moved by the volunteer support,” she said.

Melissa Andrade MJ Hrutkay
Bellatrix Lestrange (Melissa Andrade) and Dolores Umbridge (MJ Hrutkay) awarded posters to winners of the horcrux hunt.

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