‘Remix’ artist’s work on display at Farmington Hills City Hall

Farmington Hills City Hall Rotating Gallery’s next exhibit features collages created by an artist who reuses his older works, leftover paints and glue, and found objects.

Mechanically Separated
“Mechanically Separated” (City of Farmington Hills)

“Remix Eternal,” Marat Paransky’s solo show, runs from August 20 through September 14 at 31555 W. 11 Mile Rd. The gallery is open during business hours, Monday through Friday.

Jon Aldred for Farmington Hills City Council

Art enthusiasts are also invited to meet the Farmington Hills resident at an Artist Talk at City Hall on Thursday, August 23, 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.

“Kadaververwertungsanstalt” (City of Farmington Hills)

“When I was younger, I joked that if my art career didn’t work out, I’d become a garbage man,” said Paransky. “Today, I find myself somewhere between the two.”

He added that this exhibit is driven by an interest in the discarded, temporary, and overlooked chance objects and materials that pass through our hands.

Paransky teaches a Pastels Class on Thursdays at the Art Stables in Heritage Park for the City of Farmington Hills Cultural Arts Division. His art is also part of the City Hall Public Art Program, which features works by 74 talented artists from Farmington, Farmington Hills, and surrounding communities. The artwork is on loan and displayed at City Hall through the end of 2018.

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