Q&A: During the boil water advisory, did Farmington Hills tap into the tower?

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City of Farmington Hills water tower
The City of Farmington Hills completed the water tower construction in 2014. It’s located behind the Department of Public Works building on Halsted Road. (City of Farmington Hills photo)

From reader Kathie Clark: 

“I was one of the many affected by the water main break.  Although I did not think it was that much of an inconvenience – yes, a little annoying at times, but not that big of a deal overall, I was wondering – we built a huge water tower about 3-4 years ago for something like $20 million dollars. When the water main broke, why could we not have tapped into that reservoir of water in the tower and avoided the boil alert for some of the time?  Would that not have been a perfect use of this tower?”

From Farmington Hills Director of Public Services Karen Mondora:

“The capacity of the City’s water tower is 3 million gallons. The City uses much more than that over the course of a day. It is designed to manage spikes in demand during periods of high usage such as during the morning rush when everyone is getting ready for their day. During an emergency, it can help provide additional supply, but only until it runs out.

“The main break occurred at 5:45 p.m. on Monday. The water tower supplied water to the City until 11 a.m. on Tuesday.”

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