Program offers support for our Hometown Heroes

With more than 40 years of working in and supporting the Farmington community, Roxanne Fitzpatrick of Keller Williams Advantage and Jeff Clatterbaugh of Independent Bank are looking to take that support even further, by offering assistance for our Farmington and Farmington Hills Area Community Heroes who work, live in, or are looking to move into our community.

Roxanne and Jeff believe in supporting our area and want to do something extra for all those who provide special services in our community, day-in and day-out. This special program provides concierge service to help the families of Teachers, Firefighters, Police Officers, Nurses, Veterans, Active Military, EMTs and Paramedics move into a new home and become part of the community.

This special program offers:

· 1% down payment option for those individuals who are looking to buy a home. We have access to several different options to help with our client’s unique situations.

· Assistance in overall closing costs of a transaction.

· Special guidance for first-time homeowners looking to get established.

Roxanne’s expertise in the marketplace is tremendous knowledge on pricing, home marketability, opportunities, market trends, and changes in the industry and the Farmington and Farmington Hills area.

When asked why this program was so important to the community, Roxanne said, “Although we feel everyone within our community are heroes and experts, it’s a great time to recognize those who are teaching our children, responding to emergencies and working for the companies that directly contribute to our economy.”

Jeff added, “This program is a perfect fit for Roxanne and her clients in the Farmington community. Rox has been immersed in supporting the schools, businesses and local events for years, it just made sense for us to partner with the local Heroes and Experts.”

For more information on the program and how to qualify, please reach out to Roxanne Fitzpatrick at 248-470-3584 or Jeff Clatterbaugh at 248-790-1256.

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