Police identify Farmington pedestrian crash victim

The pedestrian killed in a late Friday afternoon accident at CVS Pharmacy in Farmington has been identified as Derek Arthur Westbrook, a 49-year-old Farmington resident.

Derek Westbrook
Derek Westbrook (facebook.com)

Police said Westbrook died of injuries suffered after he was struck by a vehicle in the business parking lot. The driver, a 25-year-old Farmington resident, accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake as she was backing out of a parking spot.

Westbrook was well known in the community as the owner of Twiggy, a Jack Russel terrier mix. The two were often seen walking around downtown Farmington. In 2017, his photo of Twiggy won a contest hosted by Detroit-based Better Made Snack Foods.

Mayor Sara Bowman called Westbrook’s death “a great loss for the community.”

Known for his good humor, quick wit and love of social gatherings, Derek and his best puppy pal Twiggy were always available for a chat and a smile.  The loss of Derek will leave a hole in Farmington. Our love is extended to his family,” she said.


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