Op/Ed: Even one small thing makes a better Farmington

“Things will never be so bad that a competent person of good will can’t do some small thing to make it better.”

— Wendell Berry

I was just about ready to give up on Facebook (personally, that is), but today a friend shared a post that reminded me social media can be something other than a time-sucking black hole.

Philosopher, writer, farmer, and social activist Wendell Berry elegantly answers the questions that so often cross the minds of people who care: What can I do? What should I do? How can I help?

Today’s problems seem much larger than the ones we faced even just a few months ago, and it’s hard to find time to do more than worry about them. We’re just six weeks from the beginning of autumn. The year is more than half done.

I can’t get a handle on what I need to do in the next hour, much less figure out how to change my little corner of the world. But Berry’s gentle words reminded me that even small actions have value.

Like volunteering at a community event. Buying a cup of coffee for a stranger. Welcoming a new neighbor.

That’s how we build a stronger, more compassionate community, by stacking these small actions one on top of another and lifting each other up and being competent people of good will who do even just one small thing to make it better.

– Joni Hubred



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