Op/Ed: Make Harrison High’s last year the best ever

Of all the articles published about Harrison High School’s final year, a Detroit Free Press column about this year’s junior and sophomore football players touched me most.

All of this year’s Hawk athletes will help cap a 49-year legacy. But the football team feels a special responsibility, not only to their school but to Coach John Herrington, who has been the school’s only head football coach.

These players have camera crews following them, reporters asking them questions. While it’s not easy to keep your cool with all that media attention going on, those interviewed by columnist Mike McCabe seemed to have their heads on straight.

Junior Sylvon Brown put it this way:

“We’re trying to use it to motivate ourselves to go harder because we know we have a lot of people looking at us. We don’t want to let them down. More importantly, we don’t want to let Coach Herrington down. It’s his last season.”

That kind of determination has appeared in many ways, since before the school year started. The Legacy Committee, administrators, teachers, and students seem focused on making Harrison High School’s last year its finest.

The September 22 Harvest Homecoming Event at the Walter E. Sundquist Pavilion in downtown Farmington provides an opportunity to join in this bittersweet celebration. There will be more events during the year that I hope the entire Farmington Schools community will support.

Just for this year – this one, important year – let’s all be Hawks.

– Joni Hubred

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