Officials seek Farmington Road streetscape funds

Farmington city officials late last month submitted a grant application that they hope will move the Farmington Road streetscape project forward.

Farmington Road streetscape

The long-delayed project was supposed to follow the Grand River Streetscape project, which opened in 2009. A sagging economy and tight city finances put plans on hold. It is identified as a priority in the city’s most recent Capital Improvement Plan.

Maria Taylor David Delind Johnna Balk Farmington City Council

As was the case 10 years ago, the city and Downtown Development Authority will split the cost of improvements. The proposal calls for landscaping, “bump-out” parking, and a traffic calming island about mid-way between Grand River and Orchard Street (the project’s southern boundary).

Several officials commented on the pending grant application through their social media accounts.

Mayor Steven Schneemann called the move a “bold step…that will help to accelerate the momentum that we already have in our burgeoning downtown.”

“This is a smart and strategic investment in our public infrastructure that will reap dividends for generations to come,” he wrote.

Mayor Pro Tem Sara Bowman described “improved multi-modal mobility, safer street crossings, outdoor seating, connectivity of our businesses, enhanced and new green spaces, it’s all happening!

“To me, the Farmington Road streetscape is the single most powerful project that we, as Farmington leaders, can carry out to ensure a brighter future for the downtown we all want to see grow and thrive,” council member Maria Taylor commented.

If the Transportation Assistance Program (TAP) grant application is approved, construction along Farmington Road would begin in 2021.

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