Oakland Schools recommends internal interim superintendent

Oakland County intermediate school district officials have recommended that Farmington Schools look within for an interim superintendent.

Superintendent Bob Herrera submitted his resignation last month. He will serve until January 22, 2021. In November, Oakland Schools Superintendent Wanda Cook-Robinson offered to assist with the interim search. Since then, four external candidates have been identified.

During Tuesday’s electronic school board meeting, trustee Terri Weems said the primary reason to find an internal candidate is “to minimize disruption to the district.”

“We really want to make sure that we maintain a sense of our identity,” she said. “The last thing we want to do is bring someone external who could be disruptive because they don’t know our district.”

The candidate should be someone who does not want the full position, Weems said, but would “come in and hold us steady while we make our search.”

Trustees generally agreed to hiring a superintendent search firm through a Request for Proposals process that Weems said should start sooner than later.

“If we start that process in January, we won’t select a firm until February,” she said. “The later you enter that stage, the shorter the list of applicants is… Starting interviews in March or April is not where I want to be.”

The Superintendent’s Evaluation and Succession Planning Committee will bring recommendations to the full board in January, when newly elected trustees Cheryl Blau, Mable Fox, and Claudia Heinrich have begun their full terms.

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