Oakland County cuts restaurant occupancy by 50 percent

If you’re going out to the movies or for dinner in Oakland County, you may find yourself turned away at the door, due to occupancy limits.

The county on Saturday issued an order that cuts occupancy for businesses with a food service license, except healthcare and long-term care facilities and grocery stores, by 50 percent. The order includes – but is not limited to – restaurants, bars, church dining halls, schools, carryout, catering, country clubs, banquet halls, fraternal organizations.

In addition, entertainment venues and physical fitness centers are required to cut their occupancies in half. This includes theaters, auditoriums, concerts, conferences, sporting events, gaming establishments, and trampoline parks.

Both orders exclude employees from the occupancy count.

County officials said the order is designed to encourage “social distancing,” or staying clear of large crowds, and reduce the spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

On Saturday, 1Up Arcade and Bar in downtown Farmington announced a temporary closure due to COVID-19. On social media, the company reported the move was a precaution, and not due to illness.

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