Oakland County Commission candidate: Bill Galvin

Farmington Voice is profiling the two candidates running on November 6 to represent the 14th District on the Oakland County Board of Commissioners: Bill Galvin and William Miller III. 

Bill Galvin

Bill Galvin
Bill Galvin (contributed)

1) With the impending retirement of Bill Dwyer, I realized the importance of experience to fill his shoes. I have served seven years on Farmington’s City Council, four as mayor, listening to our citizens concerns. I have contributed to numerous joint boards and commissions which provided me with intimate knowledge of what makes our communities tick. I have also established intergovernmental relationships and an understanding of varying needs for the other communities in this district which includes Franklin, Bingham Farms, Beverly Hills and Southfield Township. For these reasons, Bill Dwyer was the first supporter of my campaign as his replacement.

2) As your next County Commissioner I pledge to promote public safety with dignity. Join resources to combat human trafficking. Continually improve safety for our schools. Maintain clean water and improve our infrastructure. Fight to end distracted driving while improving our roads. Position Oakland County to become the regional leader in mass transit.

3) Farmington’s non-partisan City Council is my foundation. I have held elected office without an aisle for seven years. Farmington Hills has two other county commissioners for portions of the community. Effectiveness requires bi-partisan representation who will work together. As a result, I have pledged to maintain a civil attitude and respect colleagues and our citizens even when we may disagree.

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