Nurses make blankets for Farmington Hills charity

Plymouth-based Nurses Inspire Nurses will partner on January 28 with a Farmington Hills charity to make blankets for hospitalized children.

The 8 p.m. event supports Fleece & Thank You’s mission to collect 30,000 blankets annually – which is the number of children hospitalized each year in Michigan. Every blanket comes with a personal video message from the blanket maker to the recipient, who can then respond with a “thank-you” message.

Fleece & Thank You blanket making

“As a pediatric nurse I know how much getting a soft, warm blanket can mean to a child,” Cat Golden, BSN, founder of Nurses Inspire Nurses, said in a press release. “I love connecting with this community, even if it has to be virtually for now, and this is a meaningful and hands-on way for us to give back and connect with each other. We are fortunate to have so many community-minded members who are excited to take time out of their busy schedules to participate in our blanket-making event.”

Anyone can participate by ordering a Blanket Making Kit on the Fleece & Thank You website. To learn more about receiving a secure a link to join the event, write to or

Donations are also accepted through the group fundraising page. Every $25 goes toward the making of one blanket.

Nurses Inspiring Nurses

“We are grateful to Nurses Inspire Nurses for helping us meet our goal of providing blankets to the 30,000 children who every year face extended hospital treatments,” said Nicholas Kristock, founder and executive director of Fleece & Thank You. “For many of these young patients and their families, this is a room they do not want to be in and a diagnosis they do not understand. It’s not their bed, not their sheets, not their pillow and not their ‘normal.’ We can give these kids and their families one of the first reasons to smile during an uncertain time and one of the first reasons to have hope when they see something bright and colorful waiting for them on the bed.”


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