New video showcases ‘Spirit of Downtown Farmington’

A new video produced by Farmington Downtown Development Authority (DDA) volunteers showcases – and encourages support for – local businesses.

Released Wednesday on Facebook, “Spirit of Downtown Farmington” reflects the work of the DDA Promotions Committee, DDA staff, and industry professionals recruited by Promotions Committee chair Chris Halas.

Maria Taylor David Delind Johnna Balk Farmington City Council

“We are so proud our our volunteer culture and leadership,” DDA Director Kate Knight said in an email. “That’s what make us run!”

“We were inspired by other videos circulating downtown communities, from downtown Holly to downtown Detroit. Our DDA Promotions Committee volunteer professionals felt that some of these had a ‘wake me up when it’s over’ reverence,” Knight wrote. “We can’t afford to wait; we wanted to emphasize the fact that Downtown Farmington small business owners are fighting for survival and still finding time and energy to corral our community’s tremendous giving spirit.”

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