New Farmington mayor urges unity, civility after elections

Steven Schneemann Bill Galvin
Newly appointed Farmington mayor Steven Schneemann receives a handshake from his predecessor Bill Galvin during Monday’s city council organizational meeting.

Farmington’s newly appointed mayor Steven Schneemann made a plea for unity and civility during the city council’s organizational meeting, held Monday at City Hall.

First appointed to council in 2013, Schneeman acknowledged that the recent election was more “contentious” than usual. First-time candidates Maria Taylor and Joe LaRussa unseated incumbents Greg Cowley and Jeff Scott; Bill Galvin, who served as mayor for two terms, was re-elected.

Taylor Delind Balk campaign ad

“I want to ask as your mayor for unity,” he said, addressing council members. “We are in this together. Let’s maintain collegial decorum and treat each other with respect and good will.”

Schneemann asked citizens who voted for change to remember that “the wheels of government do turn pretty slowly” and called for “civil discourse and constructive dialogue,” even when decisions are made with which they disagree.

“We are not enemies, we are neighbors,” he said.

Farmington City Council
2017-2019 Farmington City Council (from left) Joe LaRussa, Mayor Pro Tem Sara Bowman, Mayor Steven Schneemann, Maria Taylor, Bill Galvin


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