New Farmington Hills clinic provides direct care

A new medical clinic in Farmington Hills offers a unique style of primary care that creates a more direct relationship between doctor and patient.

Dr. Jamie Qualls
Dr. Jamie Qualls has decorated her new office on Orchard Lake Road in Farmington Hills with upcycled furnishings, including this antique filled cabinet.

For a monthly membership fee, Plum Health Direct Primary Care (DPC) offers wholesale prices on medication and deeply discounted fees for x-rays and other tests. In addition, Dr. Jamie Qualls is available to patients anytime by text, email, or phone .

Having completed her residency in June, Qualls said this is the kind of medicine she has always wanted to practice. She chose the office in Civic Center Office Plaza, 25882 Orchard Lake Road, because of the central location and easy access to the freeway.

“I’ve been planning this for two years,” said Qualls, who lives in Grand Ledge. “I know when I started medical school this was the kind of doctor I wanted to be.”

DPC is “exploding”, Qualls said, with about 1,000 practices across the country and more opening each week. Part of the draw, in addition to lower costs, is accessibility. With a cap of 500 patients per clinic, people don’t wait long for an appointment and spend more time with their physician.

“Doctors are getting fed up with the way things are in the health care system,” she said.

Qualls offers typical primary care clinic services, such as preventative care, testing, and annual exams, and can also provide osteopathic treatment. About half of Plum Health’s patients do carry insurance, and she advises coverage for catastrophic illness or accidents.

Plum Health DPC
This collection of antique bed pans is on display in the bathroom at Plum Health DPC in Farmington Hills.

Opening any business in the middle of a pandemic presents challenges, but Qualls said Direct Primary Care practices have done well. She said that may be due to people losing their jobs and health insurance.

“People still need health care,” she said. “For those who don’t have insurance, this is a pretty decent way to get health care.”

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