Massive lint ball set ablaze Thursday in Farmington Hills

A Farmington Hills company that provides dryer maintenance and repair will set a 1,000-pound ball of lint ablaze as part of an attempt to set a Guinness World Record.

Big ball of lint

Dryer Vent Wizard started collecting lint in April from 9,000 communities across the country, with the goal of amassing the world’s largest ball of lint. The company’s corporate team and franchisees will gather at Farmington Hills Public Works, 27245 Halsted Road, on September 19, 12-3 p.m., to compile the massive lint ball, which will be weighed on a construction crane.

The ball has to weigh more than 99 pounds to beat the minimum criteria, and company officials expect to smash that record. Once the weight has been confirmed, the ball will be set ablaze, with Farmington Hills Fire Department on hand to douse the fire.

The demonstration is designed to show that lint is flammable and that the lack of proper maintenance not only shortens the life of an appliance, but can be dangerous.

“Thanks to our franchisees’ tireless efforts collecting and sending in lint from across North America, we are ready to set this Guinness World Records title – and then light it on fire,” Jason Kapica, company president, said in a press release. “Setting the lint ball on fire is a symbol of the prevalence of dryer vent fires. Our mission is to create something big that brings awareness to this important home safety issue.”

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