UPDATED: Learn more about Oakland County candidates

Oakland County Times, a local news website, is running video profiles of candidates who will appear on Farmington and Farmington Hills ballots.

We’ll update this list from local ballots by linking names as interviews become available:

State Representative 37th District – Democratic

State Representative 37th District – Republican

  • Mitch Swoboda (unopposed)

County Executive – Democratic

County Executive – Republican 

County Sheriff – Democratic

County Sheriff – Republican

Oakland County Prosecutor – Democratic 

Oakland County Prosecutor – Republican 

Clerk & Register of Deeds – Democratic

Clerk & Register of Deeds – Republican

County Treasurer – Democratic

County Treasurer – Republican

Water Resources Commissioner – Democratic

Water Resources Commissioner – Republican

County Commissioner 13th District – Democratic

County Commissioner 13th District – Republican

  • Max Rohtbart (unopposed)

County Commissioner 14th District – Democratic

  • William Miller III (unopposed)

County Commissioner 14th District – Republican

  • Theresa Noseworthy (unopposed)

County Commissioner 21st District – Democratic

  • Janet Jackson (unopposed)

County Commissioner 21st District – Republican

  • Bill Smith (unopposed)

Videos will be added up until election day. View them all at oaklandcounty115.com/2020/05/02/2020-candidate-interviews-aug-4-primary/.

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