Jaywalkers beware and more from Monday’s Farmington council meeting

At the end of every Farmington city council meeting, department heads talk about what’s new in their worlds.

Monday’s roundup included information on an eclectic range of subjects. Here’s a recap:

Taylor Delind Balk campaign ad

Frank Demers, Public Safety Director

If you have a habit of jaywalking in Farmington, it’s time to straighten up and fly right.

New stop-for-pedestrian signs are up at unmarked crosswalks in downtown Farmington and around the city. Officials in December approved a new ordinance that requires vehicles to stop for pedestrians standing within the handicap accessible apron at crosswalks without a traffic signal.

Demers said that initial enforcement of the ordinance will focus on educating drivers about the new rules and encouraging pedestrians to “hopefully change their behavior so they’re crossing at the appropriate location.”

“We’re going to have some challenges… but we’re ready for it,” he said.

Chuck Eudy, Public Works Superintendent

In the interests of keeping Farmington’s sewer lines running smoothly, Eudy asked that residents reconsider their use of so-called “flushable” wipes.

“Flushable wipes are designed to be flushable, but they aren’t,” he said.

In addition, Eudy asked that residents “reduce the amounts of fats, oil, and grease that enters the sewers” by dumping cooking oil and grease into a container rather than down the drain.

Chris Weber, Treasurer

With just a little prompting from Weber, Mayor Pro Tem Sara Bowman explained that her most recent water bill arrived by email, with a direct link to pay it online.

“I don’t have to walk over to City Hall. I sat in front of my computer, had a snack, and paid my water bill,” Bowman said.

“And you saved us a dollar,” Weber added.

To learn more about the city’s online billing and payment system, call the Treasurer’s office, 248-474-5500.

Kevin Christiansen, Economic and Community Development Director

The long-awaited Maxfield Training Center development remains in process, and Christiansen has confirmed with Farmington Public Schools officials that a purchase agreement for the downtown Farmington site remains in place.

The agreement required a deposit and, as of March 14, a larger portion is nonrefundable.

“There is a termination period of mid-June,” Christiansen said. “They sent a letter to the developer asking for an update on plans, they’re waiting to hear back from the developer,” he said. “We’re certainly waiting for that, too.”

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