International student needs home near North Farmington

by Rebecca Webb, Chief of International Education, Learnlight Inc., Spain

How can one Host Family contribute to world change? Think “big picture”; we live in a global community, as former President Barack Obama stated, “…education is everything to our childrens’ future…they will no longer just compete with children from Indiana, but children from India and all over the world.”

How competitive will our children be in the future? Today, 63 percent of Fortune 500 companies want to hire people who have studied abroad and only 1 percent of young people have had that opportunity. Even today, children are changing this world, as 14-year-old climate change activist, Gretta Thunberg, has shown. More than ever before, children must cross borders and need families to open their doors to them.

Now think local. We are looking for a family in Farmington Hills to open their door to an international exchange student from Spain. The student is 14 years old, attends North Farmington High School, and needs to reside with a Host Family in the school’s boundaries.

No doubt about it, hosting a student is a big responsibility, but it is also rewarding. You share your culture, the merits of our quality of life, our values, and you break down stereotypes that foreigners may have of Americans. It is also reciprocal. Someday you might want your child to study abroad, or while at home, to become more aware of other cultures.

Creating a global community is the “big picture” goal, educating young people whose future job requires international experience. And if not for them (children), being a Host Family is for us, our generation, now. The United Sates cannot move the needle on climate change on its own. All countries have to work together, and now, today. The seeds for growing a global community are planted at a young age, beginning with educational exchange.

The bigger picture starts local as a grass roots initiative. The exchange is sponsored by Learnlight Inc. a company based in Spain, that has placed close to 400 students abroad as part of its corporate social responsibility (not for profit) programs. We guarantee our students’ medical and academic aptitude and match background and personality to achieve the “right fit” for incorporation into the right Host Family.

If you reside in the North Famington High School attendance area, postal code 48334, and can host an exchange student from November 1, 2019 until June 30, 2020, contact Rebecca Webb, 313-399-8398 or write to

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