How to apply for the Farmington city council vacancy

If you’re interested in filling the open Farmington city council seat, an application form has been posted on the city’s website. .

Anyone age 18 or older, who has lived in the city for a year and is not in default to the city of any Michigan governmental unit, can apply to fill out Bill Galvin’s term, which expires in November 2021. In addition to basic information about potential candidates, the application includes these questions:

  • Discuss your interest in serving on the City Council. Discuss your prior experience working with civic, community, or governmental organizations.
  • What do you perceive as the three most important concerns facing Farmington?
  • What are your thoughts related to the City of Farmington’s relationship with Farmington Hills?
  • All cities are facing fiscal challenges. How would you address the following? 1) Balancing the budget, 2) Considering various alternatives and trade-offs within the budget, 3) Prioritizing projects and investments to be funded by the voter-approved millage
  • What are your thoughts related to residential and multi-family housing in Farmington? What improvements, if any, would you suggest?
  • What are your thoughts regarding Farmington’s historic character and assets?
  • What areas of Farmington do you think present an opportunity for redevelopment and revitalization? What do you think would be an appropriate approach for the City?

Applications are due Thursday, Jan. 23 by 12 p.m. and will be distributed to council members the same day. Officials will meet on Wednesday, Jan. 29, to screen the applications. Interviews are scheduled February 10; additional dates may be added.

Council members are expected to make an appointment during their Tuesday, February 18 meeting.

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