How Farmington, Hills residents voted for President, Senate

Ballots are still being counted in Michigan and across the country, but Farmington and Farmington Hills voters favored these candidates for President and U.S. Senate.

Democrats Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris swept Farmington and Farmington Hills, with an especially strong showing among absent ballot voters. Farmington voted 3,888-2,176 Biden/Harris over incumbent President Donald Trump and Vice President Michael Pence. The margin was much wider in Farmington Hills, 32,227-16,889.

Here’s how the precincts broke down:

U.S. Senator Gary Peters, a Democrat, also took the top spot in both cities over Republican John James, a Farmington Hills resident.

In Farmington, Peters’ support came mostly from absent voters, while James split almost evenly between absent and election votes. The final tally was 3,742-2,995.

In Farmington Hills, votes split along the same lines as in the presidential race, with Peters over James 31,248-17,582. In some precincts, Peters received five or six times as many absent votes as in-person votes.

Here’s how those votes broke down:

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